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  • Intellectuals Are Still Neglected Sheep
  • Teilhard de Chardin's Theology of Evolution
  • Demytholgizing Religion with Joseph Campbell
  • God Uses Beauty as Dante Used Beatrice
  • Absolute Nothingness and the Absence of Meaning


  • An Appreciation of Classical Islam
  • Islam's Brilliant Era was Our Dark Ages
  • How Mesopotamia Became Iraq
  • How Zoroastrian Persia Became Shiite Iran
  • Sunnis and Shiites: The Origin of Islam's Schism
  • Fundamentalism is the Problem: Christian AND Muslim


  • Deconstructing Biblical Literalism: In Brief
  • Arguments Against Old Testament Literalism: In Full
  • Arguments Against New Testament Literalism: In Full
  • How an Unwed Pregnant Teen Became Mother of God
  • Gnosticism's Challenge to Orthodoxy


  • Fourth Century Heresy Against the Trinity
  • Heaven and Hell:  Evolution of a Belief
  • The Lady, the Witch, and the Immaculate Conception
  • Noah, Gilgamesh, and the Black Sea Flood


  • The Much Maligned Mary Magdalene
  • Assessment of the Pontificate of John Paul II
  • Thomas Merton's Last Talk:  Bangkok, 1968
  • Ethics of Citizenship from a Nader Raider


  • Just-War Principles of Augustine
  • Myths of Church-State Separation
  • Supreme Court on Disestablishmentarianism
  • No Good Reason Why No Female Priests


  First UU Church of West Volusia County,
Deland, Florida

"When I see twice as many cars here on Sunday morning, I know Sheila Harty is speaking." (2000)
"All surveyed found your address very informative; some were taken with your enthusiasm, others your familiarity with the historical details." (2005)

UU Fellowship of Marion County, Ocala, Florida
"She was as passionately stimulating, meticulous in her research, and as inspirational as ever." (2001)
"She's a wonderful speaker, thought-provoking and delightful." (2006)

University UU Society of East Orlando, Orange County, Florida
"Congratulations on finding Sheila Harty.  Sign her up for an ongoing series." (2003)
"Her scholarship and careful research is always appreciated." (2006)
"Sheila Harty is animated, well informed, and invites a deeper level of analysis than we might have expected to engage us." (2008)

UU Congregation of Lake County, Eustis, Florida
"So refreshing to find someone historically literate and clear minded." (2004)
"She is certainly a polished public speaker with a remarkable presence." (2009)

Community UU Church of Volusia County, Deland, Florida
"Being an intellectual has a bad name in our society, but she refutes that very nicely." (2000)
"Sheila is well known for her high-energy presentation and her informative and provocative topics." (2006)

UU Fellowship of Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida
"It's not often that I laugh, meditate, question, learn, get upset, and walk away happy all in one sitting." (2007)

Buckman Bridge UU Society, Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida
"We continue to get great reviews whenever you grace our pulpit....The stimulus lingers." (2006)
"Emerson once said, 'A chief event in life is when we encounter a mind that startles us.' That pretty much sums up how I felt after listening to Sheila Harty for the first time." (2010)