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New Book
Sins of Faith
Credentials and Availability Editor, Writer,
Desktop Publisher

"Among hundreds of
lectures, talks, and
assorted presentations
that I have sat through in
30 years, only a dozen or
so stand out now from the
rest.  One within this
treasure trove was the
first in a series of talks
given by Sheila Harty."

--Peter G. Miller
former educator, St. Albans
School, Washington, DC

Sheila T. Harty passed away on February 12, 2016 [View her obituary].

Sheila T. Harty's professional experience has taken her around the world, giving her a firsthand view of life's political and cultural tapestry.

  In her theological studies, she majored in Catholicism, minored in Islam, and wrote her thesis in post-exilic Judaism.  In her talks, she demythologizes biblical literalism, emphasizes Islam's classical integrity and Catholicism's need for reform.

  In her political life, she worked ten years with Ralph Nader at his Center for Study of Responsive Law.  On sabbatical from Nader, she taught Business Ethics at University College Cork, Ireland.  She also worked with former U. S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and former U. S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.

  In her decades as a writer and editor, she began by winning the "George Orwell Award for Honesty and Clarity in Public Language" for her first book.  She has worked primarily as an editor on freelance contracts, for example, with the U. S. Congress, the World Bank, and the United Nations University.  She has also edited five first-time authors to publication.

"Absolutely outstanding!
As editor and graphics
designer, Sheila Harty's
sense of space and flow
made our content-heavy
draft user-friendly.  Her
service and talent was first
rate and the product is one
we are proud of.  Simply
put, great work."

--Cornelius Hogan,
former Vermont Secretary of
Health & Human Services, 1990s

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